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Coastal Baby Wipes Available in NZ

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Our wet wipes represent value for money, with 80 interleaved towelettes in each pack. Folded for convenience, the disposable wipes act efficiently as a soft washcloth; easily mopping up spills, and making one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. We package our wet wipes so that they are easy to carry around wherever you travel.

Our products are dermatologically tested and approved, which means they are suitable for all skin types. We understand the importance of using materials that are sensitive and gentle on delicate skin, which is why we ensure all of our products, including our wet wipes, are pH-neutral and are made without the addition of harsh alcohols or chemicals.

We Provide Soft Coastal Dry Baby Wipes to Individuals and Businesses Across NZ

At Nicholls & Maher, we stock and distribute all-purpose dry wipes to help clean up messes and spills. Coming in a soft pack, these towelettes are multi-functional: use them dry or simply add your own liquid of choice to turn them into a wet wipe.

Coastal Dry baby wipes are fast becoming a popular product amongst new mums as their diversity makes them suitable for all skin types and all purposes. Use dry wipes as they are, moisten with a little water, or add your own cleansing agent to tailor these towelettes to your specific needs.

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Nicholls & Maher NZ LTD specialize in producing a wide range of high-quality baby wipes suitable for a variety of skin types throughout NZ. For more information about our dermatologically tested baby wipes, contact us on 09 274 5317 or visit our Auckland and Wellington offices.