NZ’s Finest Disposable Coffee Cups

Disposable printed coffee cups: single-walled, double-walled, or ripple-walled, black or white

Whether it’s for coffee houses, café’s serving takeaway or busy offices, Nicholls & Maher NZ LTD offer an extensive range of disposable paper coffee cups. We produce and distribute a variety of products such as printed and biodegradable coffee cups to businesses including large roasters down to small cafes throughout New Zealand.

Coastal Disposable Coffee Cups

Single Wall Coffee Cups

Double Wall Coffee Cups

Ripple Wall Coffee Cups

Large range of single wall, double wall or ripple wall disposable coffee cups

Single wall coffee cups are cost-effective and highly versatile. We have a range designed to be suitable for coffee house and café menus across NZ. Our single wall coffee cups are appropriate for a variety of hot takeaway coffees including flat whites, cappuccino’s and latte’s, whereas our double wall products have an additional wall of lining which helps protect customers hands.

For a superior level of insulation, choose our ripple wall designed paper coffee cups. Also known as corrugated wall or triple wall, the ripple wave card of these cups offers the customer the most protection from the hot liquid inside.

PE Lining

All of our products including paper coffee cups, printed coffee cups, biodegradable coffee cups, and single wall coffee cups are all coated with a thin layer of polyethylene (PE), meaning the surface of the board is waterproofed, fully protected, and securely welded together to ensure liquids do not seep or leak through the paper lining. Plus, they are 100% recyclable.

Customised Designs

We offer you the freedom to customise your designs with printed coffee cups, giving your business a signature style. Alternatively, we stock stylish standard black and white biodegradable coffee cups.

Need takeaway cups for your business or event?

Nicholls & Maher NZ LTD are proud importers of hygiene paper products and supply some of the most recognisable businesses in New Zealand. Serving takeaway coffee and want more information about our disposable coffee cups? Contact us on 09 274 5317 or visit our Auckland or Wellington offices.