Coastal Printed Enviro Cups Available Across NZ

High quality, environmentally friendly disposable coffee cups.

Swirl Wall Coffee Cups

Single Wall Coffee Cups

Double Wall Coffee Cups

Looking for disposable paper cups that won’t pose a threat to the environment? Whether you’re a small café, coffee house or a business offering takeaway coffee, Nicholls & Maher NZ LTD has a large collection of disposable paper cups to suit any type of service. Our coastal enviro cups come in various styles and sizes, ensuring that we can match any menu requirements. We distribute environmentally friendly swirl whirl enviro cups, single walled coffee cups, and double walled coffee cups. If you want a logo or business name on your cup, we offer printed paper cups, as well, so you have the ability to customize the design to your needs.

Our Collection of Biodegradable Printed Paper Cups

Nicholls & Maher NZ LTD specialise in distributing a large range of biodegradable coffee cups that come in different sizes to suit your needs. Our single wall disposable paper cups provide a cost-effective solution and versatile solution for your takeaway coffee needs. If you’re looking for a coffee cup that can handle high temperatures, choose our double wall designed printed paper cups. These cups are designed to provide high levels on insulation, offering the customer optimal protection from the hot coffee inside the cup.

PLA Lining

Our Envirocup lining and lid are made using 100% annually renewable plant based bioplastic called PLA – Poly Lactic Acid. The production of PLA uses 62-68% fewer fossil fuel resources than conventional oil based plastic. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable and the paperboard is sourced from managed plantations and certified PEFC.

Customised Designs

We offer you the freedom to customise your designs with printed coffee cups, giving your business a signature style. Alternatively, we stock stylish standard black and white printed paper cups.

Order Our Enviro Cups Today

Nicholls & Maher NZ LTD are specialists of distributing the highest quality environmentally friendly paper products and supply them to some of the most recognisable names in New Zealand. Serving takeaway coffee and want more information about our enviro cups? Contact us on 09 274 5317 or visit our Auckland and Wellington offices.