Coastal Envirocups

High quality environmentally friendly disposable coffee cups

Swirl Wall Coffee Cups

Single Wall Coffee Cups

Double Wall Coffee Cups

Our biodegradable coffee cups come both single or double-walled

Single wall disposable paper cups are cost-effective and highly versatile.

Our double wall products have an additional wall of lining which helps protect customers hands.



PLA Lining

Our Envirocup lining and lid are made using 100% annually renewable plant based bioplastic called PLA – Poly Lactic Acid. The production of PLA uses 62-68% fewer fossil fuel resources than conventional oil based plastic. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable and the paperboard is sourced from managed plantations and certified PEFC.

Customised Designs

We offer you the freedom to customise your designs with printed coffee cups, giving your business a signature style. Alternatively, we stock stylish standard black and white cups.