Coastal Disposable Aprons in NZ

Plastic Aprons to Suit A Range of Environments

Need an apron for your food preparation that can be disposed of quickly? Our company stocks and distributes disposable plastic aprons suitable for all your food preparation and serving duties. We can provide the ideal products for your healthcare environment, with our sturdy plastic aprons suiting a range of industries, such as hospitality, medical, cleaning and beauty. Unlike material aprons, disposable aprons can be thrown away in between jobs adding to their versatility. Nicholls and Maher NZ LTD have contract warehouses in Auckland and Wellington, giving us the ability to supply a wide range of customers nationally.

The Perfect Disposable Apron for One Time Use

We offer plastic aprons which are water resistant by design, so you don’t have to worry about having to regularly wash or remove stains. Not only are our plastic aprons waterproof, they are also lightweight providing optimum comfort. Our plastic aprons are produced using Polyethylene material, making them the ideal apron for one-time usage. By using Polyethylene plastic for disposable aprons, the chances of cross contamination of food is significantly reduced. Our Aprons will protect your material clothes against splashes of liquid that could potentially cause stains. Whether you’re a chef, cleaner or nurse, our disposable aprons are the ideal product for your industry.

Order our Disposable Aprons Today

Nicholls & Maher NZ LTD supply disposable aprons perfect for one time use in a variety of industries.  and supply some of the most recognizable names in New Zealand. We provide 1000 disposable aprons per carton in in tear off and individual packs. Looking for an Apron that you can use once and throw away? Contact us on 09 274 5317 or visit our Auckland and Wellington offices.